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Storyology Memory Game

Storyology Memory Game

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The story-trading game that turns socializing into a long and short term memory showdown. Spin the wooden disc to unlock randomly determined stories to share, then repeat them back as a group in the fourth round to win. This fun and easy off-line game refreshes memory skills to challenge both introverts and extroverts alike. OBJECT: Each player will tell three random stories about their life, at least on per round. To win, repeat back a story topic in the final round - the memory showdown. 1. Go clockwise from the player with the closest birthday. (or spin and use the center arrow symbol to select) 2. Spin and stop the disc with your finger to begin storytelling. (or pass it upside down to the next player) 3. The word under your finger is your story topic; in round one, tell your FIRST + topic; In round two, tell your BEST + topic; in round three, tell your LAST + topic; (ex: FIRST crush, BEST job, LAST trip). 4. Tell a quick story and include details like where, when and what happened. 5. Continue until each player has completed all 3 rounds. 6. Remember to listen carefully to the details of everyone's stories. PICK A WINNER: (The Memory Showdown) After the last player has told their third story, begin the Memory Showdown round. Start by spinning to randomly select the player to start storytelling (based on where the disk's arrow points). Each player will have 5 seconds to recap a detail from any other player's story topic from one of the FIRST, BEST, LAST rounds. Continue in a circle, player by player, until there is there is only one player left able to recap another's story. That person is the winner. Made in USA

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