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Greetings Folded Poster

Greetings Folded Poster
Greetings Folded Poster

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Greetings and Thanks to each other as people; To The Earth mother of all Greetings & Thanks; to all the waters Waterfalls & Rain, Rivers & Oceans, Greetings & Thanks; to all the Fish Life, Greetings & Thanks; the grains & greens, Beans & Berries, as one we send thanks to Food Plants; Medicine Herbs of the world and their keepers, Greetings & Thanks; To All Animals and their teachings, Greetings & Thanks; The Trees for shelter & shade, fruit & bounty, Greetings & Thanks; To All Birds large and small joyful Greetings & Thanks; The Thunderers, our grandfathers in the sky, we hear your voices, Greetings & Thanks; and now The Sun for the light of a new day and all the fires of life, Greetings & Thanks; to our oldest grandmother, The Moon, leader of women all over the world, And The Stars for their beauty, mystery, and guidance, Greetings & Thanks; To Our Teachers, reminding us of how to live in harmony, Greetings & Thanks; And For All the gifts of creation; for all the love around us, Greetings & Thanks; and for that which is forgotten, We Remember. 11-panel, accordion-fold poster has cord on top for hanging. Poster is 4 1/4" x 53" and has 11 panels. Includes a top cord for hanging.

Greetings Folded Poster

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