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Hubble Telescope Calendar

Hubble Telescope Calendar
Hubble Telescope Calendar

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From its perch outside our planet’s distorting atmosphere, NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope began seizing the faintest light from the far side of the universe in 1990. Not since 1609, when Galileo Galilei directed his telescope to the heavens, has any event so changed our understanding of the cosmos. Hubble provides breathtaking high-resolution images of objects both near and far, from our own solar system to the most distant galaxies and nebulae. On the ground, specialists painstakingly clean and color the black-and-white photographs to help distinguish details our eyes could never perceive at such a distance. Each of this calendar’s twelve images is accompanied by a description of the celestial phenomenon depicted. Important dates in the history of space exploration, as well as this year’s eclipses and major meteor showers, are noted throughout. Printed on recycled paper. Calendar is 12" x 12"

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