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Northern Sun Survey

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pepper spray-- how can you have a democracy without it?
remember when Republicans used to care about all Americans? neither do I
banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies --- thomas jefferson
too big to fail ( with picture of the Titanic)
I'll go to the ballot box with you, when you come into the streets with me--- phil ochs
When someone says don't be sentimental, they are about to do something cruel. When they say be realistic, they plan on making money off it.
life shrinks or expands in proportion to ones courage-- anas nin
when Wall Street makes a killing, Main Street is often the victim
jaded cynics always have an excuse for doing nothing
I was on the right track until I realized I was on the wrong train
we have met the government, and they are not us
on my other planet I am a superhero
overpopulation is every ones baby
conservatives must love time traveling, they always want to take us backwards
Fixed News-- we repeat, you deny

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