Heretic In Good Company Poster

Heretic In Good Company Poster
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The Heretic In Good Company poster shows people being burned with a list including: St Joan of Arc; Galileo; Johannes Kepler; Meister Eckhardt; Copernicus; Tertullian; Martin Luther; Menno Simons; Matthew Fox; Origen; St Zephyrinus; the Beguines; John McNeil; Hans Kung; the Franciscans; Ivone Gebara; Hippolytus; Peter Waldo; Arnold of Brescia; Jesus of Nazareth; Tissa Balasuriya of Sri Lanka; Henry of Lausanne; Clementuis & Everard; Jovinian; Jan Hus; Peter Abelard; Gerard Segarelli; Pierre Thilhard de Chardin; Patrick Hamilton; IHM Sisters of Los Angeles; Charles Curran; Hoachim of Fiore; Leonardo Boff; John Courtney Murray; Theodoret; Ebion; Theodore of Mopsuestia; Lukas of Prague; Fratres Unitores; John Scotus Erigena; Giraude de Lavaur; Marguerite Porete; Giordano Bruno; Bill Callahan; the Vatican 24; Call to Action of Nebraska.
Poster is 17" x 22"

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