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External Links


Youth Mitigate Climate Change - Mobilizes young people to mitigate climate change
Stop Line 3 - Movement to stop crude oil pipelines in Minnesota
Care 2 Environment Supersite - Free email and e-cards that help to save animals
Co-op America - Green Pages and investing info for green-conscious folks
Environmental Defense Fund - Cost-effective solutions to urgent environmental problems.
Green Money Journal - Responsibility from the supermarket to the stock market.
Greenpeace - Join them in the struggle to keep the world safe from polluters
Mother Jones - Monthly magazine of environmental action
Institute For Global Communication - Links to PeaceNet, EcoNet, WomensNet and Anti-RacismNet

Women's Issues

Breast Cancer Awareness - Breast cancer awareness and advice
The Feminist Majority - Fax your Member of Congress from their site, events calendar, etc
N.A.R.A.L. - National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League
National Organization for Women - Action Alerts, news highlights, Activist Toolkit, etc


Inclusive Learning Environments - LBGTQ Friendly Schools
Body Positivity - Resources for GLBTQ People
couponfollow.com - Resources for GLBTQ Students
365Gay.com - Daily & and Lesbian Magazine online
Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation - Promote fair and inclusive representation in all media
Parents, Families & Friends of Lesbians & Gays - Families and Friends
Pam's House Blend - Gay and lesbian blog
Quatrefoil Library - GLBT materials on diversity and history, and the value of communities.

Indigenous Rights

Resource Center of the Americas.org - News, analysis and campaigns on Latin America
AIM Movement - Main site for the AIM movement
Western Shoshone Defense Project - Reclaim Western Shoshone homelands


Crooks and Liars - News, video streams, etc, on politics
MAPLight - Campaign contributions and how legislators vote
The Nation - Political magazine.
Democrats.com - Independent community of Democrats
Health Care Without Harm - Transform health care without compromising patient safety or care
Jews for Justice for Palestinians - Both Israel and Palestine have a right to exist.
Michael Moore - Farenheit 911, Bowling for Columbine, etc
Progressive Action Alliance - Promotes progressive candidates, ideas, and issues
People for the American Way - Committed to defending democracy and the ideals of community
Protest.Net - Calendar of protests, meetings and conferences. Check for protests in your region
Teaching For Change.org - Curriculum guides and other resources to help teachers engage students
True Majority - Founded by Ben of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream. Grassroots education and advocacy
The World Socialist Party - This site is a collaborative work of socialists around the world.

Quit Smoking

QuitDay.org - Guide to quitting smoking


NCOA.com - Support for Older Adults Living Alone

NeptuneSociety.com - Transportation Options for Seniors Who Don't Drive


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