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About Northern Sun

A short history of Northern Sun
Northern Sun got its start back in 1979, right before radiation started leaking from the Three Mile Island nuclear plant in Harrisburg, PA (March 28, 1979). Riding a bicycle and carrying a backpack full of t-shirts, etc., Scott (the owner) began selling message-oriented items at anti-nuke events. In 1980, Ronald Reagan was selected President, creating a big demand for anti-war stuff. G W Bush was good for business too.

Who are you?
We're a small group of individuals who work for a company that sells progressive, message-oriented t-shirts, button, stickers, etc. through a paper catalog and on our website. Northern Sun also does events, mostly done by Scott, the owner.
Northern Sun donates to local community radio (kfai.org), the Midwest Renewable Energy Assoc (midwestrenew.org), the Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti (ijdh.org), Women Against Military Madness (wamm.org), the Resource Center of the Americas (americas.org) and others.

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