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Paul Wellstone 6 Note Card Set

Paul Wellstone 6 Note Card Set Paul Wellstone 6 Note Card Set

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Paul Wellstone was a voice for the working person in the US Senate until he was killed in 2002. These unique card designs celebrate the memory of a Minnesota hero and United States Senator. Progressive public officials, and concerned citizens must set our sights and our efforts on an agenda to bridge the broad and growing chasm that devides a prospering, affluent group from the vast majority of Americans who continue to struggle to make ends meet. We need to recall the values that have throughout our history spread broad-based movement for change. The public expression of values like equality, civil liberties, opportunity, and justice can spark a new movement for social justice. In the new century we must sound the clarion call to improve the human condition - Paul Wellstone 2 each of 3 designs Note Cards are 5" x 7"

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