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Religions TShirt

Religions TShirt

SKU 1432B $22.00 - $25.00
Taoism: Shit happens; Hinduism: This shit happened before; Buddhism: It is only the illusion of shit happening; Zen: What is the sound of shit happening?; Islam: If shit happens, it is the will of Allah; Jehovah's Witness: Knock, knock, shit happens; Atheism: There is no such thing as shit; Agnosticism: Maybe shit happens, maybe it doesn't; Protestantism: shit won't happen if I work harder; Catholicism: If shit happens, I deserve it; Judaism: Why does shit always happen to me?; Televangelism: Send money or shit will happen to you; Rastafarianism: Smoke that shit; Unitarianism: Who gives a shit? Also a poster, including the Unitarian line.
TShirt Color: Ash

Religions TShirt

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