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Bumper Sticker Magnet

Bumper Sticker Magnet

SKU 2412 $1.25
Attach a bumper sticker to this blank bumper sticker size magnet and put it on a car or any magnetic surface. It's thin enough so you can't tell theres a magnet there but strong enough to stay in place. There is a magnetic side and a non-magnetic side. Be sure to put the sticker on the non-magnetic side. Bumper Sticker Holder is 3" x 11 1/2".

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Review Date: Nov 11, 2012
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A neat idea that allows you to rotate bumper stickers on your car to take advantage of all the ones Northern Sun sells.Beware though, after being on my truck and not being removed/moved for about a year, the plastic seemed to adhere to the tailgate. In normal usage where you're moving the magnet around (or taking it off to wash your vehicle!) it works fine.

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